Created by Soul Path Living 2011 Why Have a Session with David?       Hindsight is always 20/20.  This is a thought we all readily accept.  My work is not so much about the  past, or the future for that matter, as it is about the present.  What is your presentsight?   I remember going to get my first professional Intuitive Tarot Reading.  I was full of apprehension and  fear.  What was I going to hear about my future?  What was already decided?  What life experiences were I  locked into?  At that time I didn’t realize how much control I had over my life.  I didn’t understand that  through my thoughts and emotions I was constantly redefining my future as well as my present. A reading with me is about empowerment, bringing the same clarity of hindsight to the present.  The  knowledge and understanding you gain allows you to experience the present in a whole new way.   After we have been through a trying time we can look back on it with understanding of what it was all  about, what gifts and growth the experience brought us.  When you can see those gifts and growth during the  experience you don’t suffer in the same way.  In fact it brings a sense of gratitude and empowerment as you  feel the Universe supporting you. While my readings are mostly about the present, the empowerment you feel in the current moment  allows you much more choice about your future.  As you align with yourself in the now you create the future  you desire. I begin my sessions with an Intuitive Tarot Reading.  This allows the client to see in a whole new way  what is going on in their life and why.  It provides a sense of empowerment as well as an understanding that  the Universe is indeed supporting them.  It allows the client to see where they are stuck in their lives and  provides concrete detailed actions they can take to free themselves. We then move into Shamanic Healing.  During this portion of the session we will clear the stuck  energies, shifting the clients “story” around the situation from one of victimhood to one of empowered  action.  All our experiences happen at an energetic level.  The client will literally feel this shift in their “story”  in a very physical and emotional way. As you leave the session you will feel a greater sense of purpose and control in your life, both in your  present moment as well as into your future.   I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you step  into your power. Love and Light, David Aaron Waldas