Created by Soul Path Living 2011 The Feminine Energies of 2012 The feminine energies of 2012 are ramping up.  They are coming in a powerful way with the Venus transit and June itself carrying these energies as well.  What kind of a picture does that paint in your mind?  I’m envisioning a large portion of the males who read this shrinking back with the thought….”I hope she’s not angry!”  Don’t worry men; it’s not that kind of energy.  So, what traits do these feminine energies carry? Intuition, feeling, emotion, cooperation, and being in the present moment are some of the most powerful.  In contrast, the old masculine energies connect with thought, planning, future oriented action, and dominance. As humans we embody both feminine and masculine energies.  As either a male or female one of those types of energies usually dominates over the other.  With these new shifts we are sliding on this continuum towards the feminine side. This does not mean that men are becoming “girly” but rather moving much more into balance.  We can keep our sense of masculinity while letting go of our insecurities that drive our need to be in charge, our need to know where we are going, our need to analyze and think our way through problems, and our need for the illusion of stability, to remain intact.  I can feel a few of the female readers asking “Well, then what will be left?”  First off, that is not “nice.”  Second, what is left is a man who can be comfortable holding a feeling long enough to start to understand themselves; a man who can cut through the illusions of security they have so carefully built around material wealth, a hardened emotional shell, and social status; a man that will be interested in understanding you! Our definition of masculinity will need to shift as men shift.  Masculinity has been defined based on how men are.  As men will be different so will masculinity.    In the Rider Waite Tarot deck (one of the most common tarot decks) the Emperor who represents masculinity as an archetype at first glance is a King sitting on his throne, in charge of his kingdom, draped in riches; he’s the man!  If you look closer you may notice his eyes.  They are looking sideways as if seeking approval.  When you line the cards up in sequence, what you see is the Empress (who represents the feminine archetype) sitting next to him.  His eyes seem to be saying, “I’m in charge, right dear, what should I do?” He no longer appears to be so in control, in fact he starts to look quite uncomfortable living in the fear that his illusion of power and control may all be exposed at any moment.  He needs to work hard to stay in his mind, focusing on future planning and dominance to maintain this illusion.  If you ask him why he is looking to the empress for approval, he might act as if he didn’t hear your question and quickly start talking about sports or something he did that he thinks will impress you.  If he is really stuck in the “old masculine” he might just answer you with, “‘cause she’s hot!”  Sorry Emperor…but it’s true. My favorite Tarot deck to work with is The Fifth Tarot, by Martien and Teresena Bakans.  They represent the Divine masculine of the Emperor as a very stable man, grounded in the Earth and connected with the Universe (literally with roots and branches).  He is protecting his children as they look to him for protection, comfort and support.  He is aware of who he is and stands beside the Empress as an equal.   This is the new masculine paradigm. The Universe is letting us each know this is a time where we must go to the root of who we are and connect with our Soul’s purpose.  We are no longer being supported to hold our old illusions and distractions.  They are breaking down in a very real way; in a way that manifests in the 3-D world as loss of jobs, ending of relationships, and whatever you were relying on that was not for your highest good things are literally simply falling apart.  This break down reveals to us what is truly important: love, faith, and a commitment to following our Soul’s path.  The Feminine Energies are supporting each of us to go deep within and stay there as our true selves reveal to us who we are and why we are here. People are breaking down to the point where they have lost track of their foundations.  This creates a large discrepancy of experiences from one individual to another.  Those who have stayed true to themselves and maintained their foundation each step of the way, don’t have far to fall.  On the other hand the large majority of us have followed shortcuts leaving our foundations far behind.  We have lost track of why we are here, pursuing out of balance temptations.  Our Ego’s have taken over in search of recognition, material gains, and approval of others.  This pursuit has no substance.  Its stability is simply an illusion.  As the universe breaks this illusion we each fall to the place where we last connected with our true foundation.  What have you shed in your life to take you back to what is real, to what is in alignment with you?  This is why we are seeing so many high profile business people, celebrities, religious figures, and politicians being exposed for who they have been living as.  They are being supported by the Universe to reconnect with who they really are. Have you noticed all the anger in the world recently?  Have you noticed emotional triggers seem to be readily available wherever you go?  Yes, I’m going to say it, this is the Universe supporting you!  Think about how you have been interacting with these triggers.  Most people are having these experiences and responding with anger.  Some of us say, well I know my reactions to others are always about me.  So, when the anger comes up I shouldn’t be mad at the person or situation but rather let go of it because it is about me anyway.  While this is true, it is seldom an effective way to deal with the situation.  Most of the time we end up angry with ourselves but aren’t sure why and we still hold the anger for the person or situation as well.  Our “solution” has simply escalated the problem.  This is because we are trying to work out our problems through other people and situations.  Our energetic reaction follows the path from ourselves to the other person or situation then back to ourselves.  It follows a loop that takes us outside of ourselves.  We still see the situation or person as part of us.  The new Devine Feminine energies that have come in, support us to have a deeper understanding of what is actually going on.  It allows for us to let go of our Egos and go within with clarity and stay there to do our work.  When we have these triggers in our lives we are not called to drag the energy in a loop back to ourselves in search of blame.  We need to recognize that we have called the energies of these situations into our lives because we carry these energies within ourselves.  We can then disconnect from the outside situation or person and shift our alignment within.  We need to let go of these old energies and affirm for ourselves in the positive.  “I have stepped into a new way of being.  I welcome the new energies that support me as I live in alignment with my Soul’s path.”  Now that we have disconnected from these external old energies we can go within in a balanced manner and transform our internal old energies into a new way of being, a way that honors our true selves.  The old method of dragging those old external energies within and back home with us seldom worked and usually added confusion and chaos to an already confusing and chaotic internal struggle.  I have always loved the saying, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” We are all changing so quickly now.  Whenever we are out of alignment with ourselves by the time our actions occur they are already in the past.  We have already shed our skin once more becoming a whole new person, one step closer to our true selves.  Maybe I will shift the saying to, “What other people thought of me is none of my business.”  The energy of the Divine Feminine requires us to drop all fear and blame allowing each moment to be new and free of the moment before it.  To be actually free of the constraints of time as there truly is no before or after.  We are all one at once but that mind bending thought is best left for another article.   The Universe is giving each of us the opportunity to birth our true selves, our solid foundations.  We are being taken back to our cores.  Our Soul path is being revealed to us once more.  Embrace this opportunity; nurture your true self as it is a newborn in every moment; It cannot fend for itself.  Only you, in your new role as a Devine Feminine being can keep it alive and well.  You are now a lifelong caregiver.  It is upon you to hold true to your Soul’s path and maintain your stable foundation by living in alignment with your true self.  All other actions create a gap between you and your foundation.  This is a gap that the Universe will surely close for you if you stretch it too wide and yes, this is the Universe supporting you! Love and Light,